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Vending machines filled with healthy snacks.



Box of Delicious, healthy and nutritious snacks, delivered right to your door every weeks or months.

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Delicious, healthy and nutritional snacks delivered at the office or right at home.



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A healthy and active lifestyle

Nature Express "snacks" would like to share with you, its passion for a healthy and active lifestyle. This is why it now offers companies the choice of organic, gluten-free, protein-based, low-calories and locally produced products.

Does your company offer snacks to its employee?

How about choosing "snacks" that benefit both body and mind?

Unique in its kind, Nature Express Snacks is a weekly/monthly delivery service with your well being at heart. With easy access to a wide range of products by delivering directly to your door, Nature Express boxes are perfect for your common areas!

Nature Express has everything!

Attentive to the growing demand of consumers in search of balanced diet products on the go, Nature Express offers carefully selected snacks and beverages just as tasty as their original counterparts.

Adopt the Nature Express lifestyles!


Frequently asked questions

Are there membership fees?

Nature Express is a service free of membership fees.

Can I customize my boxes?

We do offer this option!
Consult our offer in the section

When will I receive my order?

Your box will arrive at your door twice a month on Monday!

Are there any cost for delivery?

Delivery charges are included with exception to the customized boxes.

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